Announcing Appature Sentiment Analysis – Leaps Over the Industry with Integration into the Master Customer Profile

Written on September 29, 2009 at 5:00 pm by Kabir Shahani

I’m proud to announce our latest release – Appature Social Media Sentiment Analysis. This new technology allows Appature users to not only capture and analyze data from Twitter, YouTube, and industry blogs – but to also take action on that information immediately. This capability is an important step in our vision of providing a comprehensive, Surprisingly Simple solution that enables marketers to take truly meaningful action that delivers to the top line, and cuts on the bottom line. From a capability perspective, this vaults Appature forward: some in our strategy group have characterized this release as adding the “ears of marketing” to our existing “eyes” and “mouth”. What a pretty face :)

We’ve extended our investment in the space and beyond Chatterfly based on direct feedback from both our existing and prospective customers. While the “Is Twitter a fad?” debate remains lively, the trends in customer behavior cannot be disputed –customers are engaging with each other, and doing so with passion and in droves. As we look across the web to both Twitter and other social networks, forums, blogs, and the expanding content on YouTube, it’s clear that both physicians and patients continue to support one another through community sites and blogs, and provide useful information to one another using platforms like Twitter and YouTube. Furthermore, these are also increasingly becoming valid modes of communication for our customers, and our ability to help them measure effectiveness and adjust messages and communications immediately provides strong competitive advantage for them.

On the surface, some of the capabilities seem to mimic the legacy players in social media sentiment analysis technology – using our engine you can dial-in keywords of your brand, competitive brands, and industry terms. Our reporting engine provides rich and in-depth insight on the frequency these keywords appear, the sentiment in which they are used, and who authored the relevant comments. socialmediaWhat’s brought this capability leaps and bounds over other offerings, however, is Appature’s ability to let marketers segment on this data in the context of all the other information that lives in the Appature system. For example, you can now search against criteria such as, “Show me all doctors that work in hospitals with more than 250 beds that have more than 5 dietitians on staff, that have a negative sentiment about sugar substitutes.” In this case, you may be selling a sugar substitute product like Splenda or Equal, and you can choose to adjust and search against any keywords as well as other information you may have in your Appature database about your customers and prospects. With this capability, Appature also automatically creates social profiles for people that may not be currently physicians or patients in your Appature database, and automatically builds on top of that profile so when that potential customer is engaged you have a tremendous amount of information that will help you send relevant communications and serve them effectively.

Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to offer a big congratulations to the team for making this happen, against many odds. This was truly a team effort – involving a cross functional group across business strategy teams, program management, and of course a massive effort by our world-class development organization. Most importantly, I’d like to thank our customers and partners who provided brilliant industry insight and feedback on how this capability will be used and leveraged inside of their best-in-class marketing organizations.

Our Social Media Sentiment Analysis technology represents one of the more robust offerings around sentiment analysis and social media monitoring in the marketing space. To learn more, please feel free to contact us directly at or call 206-493-5428.

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  • Mark Horoszowski

    Congrats on a successful launch! This tool is badly needed in the industry, and I look forward to working with it!